Our Work

Some of the projects that we are proud of!


Client wanted to keep the wild fauna out from their backyard whilst keeping their animals contained. We installed an aluminum fence around the back yard giving them a secure backyard within their complex.

Frameless Glass

This job required a solution for the client’s new pool addition to their house. Frameless glass was the perfect option providing them with the safety required for the pool whilst giving them a modern and elegant look.

Aluminium Slats

Our client wanted to remove an old, damaged gate and spruce up the front of the house. We removed the old gate and fence and suggested aluminium slats to provide him with the street appeal that he was after.


Our client asked for a 2.1m high colorbond fence. We suggested doing a standard 1.8m high fence and adding extensions on the top for a more decorative outcome. The hardest choice they had to make was to pick the design!

Retaining Walls

This one had to have a before and after photo! Our client wanted to stop the garden mess from invading his driveway as well as to fix the stairs. They said to surprise them, so we did! This is the outstanding outcome we achieved.


Prior to contacting us, this block had chicken wire running along the front fence line. The client wanted to increase security whilst on a budget so requested a timber fence. This one has stuck due to being our first timber fence!

Aluminium Pool Fence

This client wanted security for their grandchildren but without the added task of having to clean the glass. We installed a simple, cost-efficient fence whilst meeting all Australian safety standards. Happy Grandies, happy kiddos!

Frameless Glass

We arrived to provide a quote for this client who insisted it was frameless glass or nothing! We agreed, told them to pick chrome or black and had it installed the same day! They were over the moon (well actually in the pool!).


This property started with a 1.8m high timber fence. The client wanted to open up the front of the property whilst keeping their family and pets safe from the road. They asked for our thoughts and this aluminium fence was the solution.

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More samples of our work!

The below images are some examples of just some of the projects that we have undertaken!